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Kirmada Ltd

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Kirmada Ltd

Introducing Kirmada - The VA's VA!

Kirmada makes working with multiple clients a breeze.

Are you drowning in a sea of browser tabs? Do you find it hard to pick up where you left off after an interruption? And do you get the feeling you're just not invoicing enough at the end of the month?

Let Kirmada take the strain.

Kirmada makes working with multiple clients and projects a breeze. Simply swipe one client off the screen to be replaced by another and everything you need - all the tabs, logged in accounts, social media, files and your work in progress - appears just where you left it, ready for you to do your thing.

Kirmada's Workspaces let you focus on one client at a time. A dedicated browser per client, automatic timesheets, social media scheduling, password management, online file storage and built in productivity helpers all combine in one place to help you unleash your VA superpowers!

And everything can be shared with colleagues in an instant - share or delegate the work and compile a single timesheet for super-accurate invoicing.

Read more at and sign up for a free 30 day trial.


Suite 7 Fairfax House
Cromwell Park
Chipping Norton
United Kingdom


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