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Executive Support Media

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Executive Support Media

At first glance, we appear to be a training company that provides world-class training from the top trainers for the Administrative Profession in whatever format you might want or need it.

But that is not the whole story. Your perception of an archetypal publishing or training company is totally different to where we sit.

Our success is not just down to our products, it’s down to our core belief that we are here to serve each and every assistant, to ensure that you meet your full potential.

Our approach is to treat every assistant that we come into contact with as an individual and listen hard to find out how we can meet your needs.

We talk to thousands of you every year to ensure that we understand the market; the latest thinking, the skills you need to futureproof your career, your issues and how your workplace is changing.

We are passionate about changing the perception of the role so that businesses understand how to best utilise you. The Administrative Profession is now just that; a profession. For half a billion people globally, it’s a career – not just a job. We campaign globally for the recognition of you and your role as a professional.

To date we have connected over 100,000 assistants across the world. You become part of our global community, sharing ideas, best practice, solutions and inspiration. There is power in our hashtag #OneProfessionOneVoice.

And we try to do all of the above with integrity and authenticity – traits which are core to our founder, Lucy Brazier’s beliefs as to how a good business should operate.

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  • Executive Support Media's success is not just down to their products, it’s down to their core belief that they are here to serve each and every assistant, to ensure that you meet your full potential. ...
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