Exhibitor Videos


  • Picking the perfect gift on Huggg

    25 Feb 2022 Becky Smith
    Watch this short video to see how quick and easy it is to pick the perfect gift to share with colleagues or clients with Huggg. 
  • Sending gifts with Huggg video

    25 Feb 2022 Becky Smith
    Watch this short video to discover how easy it is to send the link to a perfect gift by email or  SMS, post to Teams or Slack, to one or many people.  
  • Junkyard Golf Club

    11 Jan 2022 Jacob
    A short clip of our London venue, showcasing our weird and wonderful courses!
  • Want to know more about our exciting learning and development offerings?  Head to our website to watch our inspirational Learner Stories.   www.yourexcellency.co.uk/learner-stories 
  • Who are Travel Counsellors?

    28 May 2021 Matt Brown
    Our Travel Counsellors are part of a global network and have on average 24 years experience. They deliver a personal and professional service you can depend on. 
  • Our Travel App MyTC

    28 May 2021 Matthew Brown
    Welcome to the only travel app you will ever need. Exclusive to clients of Travel Counsellors, the MyTC app puts you in total control of your business travel. 
  • Chilli Farm Team Development Days

    24 May 2021 Lindsay Taylor
    Our Chill Farm Team Development Days are the hottest team development days!  
  • Design and Print Software!

    05 Jun 2021 Avery UK
  • Full-bodies red wine is served with a mixture of sweet and savoury delights for a sophisticated gift.
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