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Can Outsourcing Travel Bookings Save Money?

Corporate Traveller Stand: C10P
Can Outsourcing Travel Bookings Save Money?
Corporate Traveller Can Save You Money and Time
Find out how you can save money and time by talking to a Corporate Traveller Expert Travel Consultant, visit Stand Number C10P

It sounds counterintuitive, right? To pay a company of travel experts to book your business travel trips, instead of it being the duty of a PA or Office Manager.

That’s what one client asked, leading travel management company, Corporate Traveller UK during the early phases of their partnership. So, they worked to put the theory to the test - using some of the client’s pains as a starting point, and auditing where they could be more efficient.


It was calculated for this particular client, booking for one year with Corporate Traveller UK will result in:

  • £1.8m total annual travel spend
  • £300k worth of savings to global business
  • 17% total savings versus the previous year

To read more about how Corporate Traveller has provided value and savings to its customers, you can find all case studies here

Problem: Lots of admin for your internal team
Solution: Let a travel expert do it!
Savings opportunities:

  • £300k financial savings – equivalent to 8.5 full-time staff members!
  • Your existing staff will get time back in their day to focus on other tasks.
  • Less stress for everyone.

Problem: Outdated, manual processes
Solution: Self-service portal for travel requests, automated invoice entry with coding, automated approval email trigger to request travel approval
Savings opportunities:

  • Time saved for everyone, from your finance team to the travellers themselves, and approvers.
  • Fewer financial mistakes for invoices being missed or trips not approved in time.

Problem: Inconsistency in process across regions
Solution: New, consistent process in all regions, including one company-approved travel management company.
Savings opportunities:

  • One process to adhere to and communicate = quicker understanding and time freed up.
  • With everyone booking with one company, view all company travel spend and budget in one place.


Problem: Missed information from invoices
Solution: Configure an online tool to set up mandatory fields before trips are booked.
Savings opportunities:

  • If bookings are all made through the same channel consistently, the team can quickly see travel spend per reason code.


Find out how you can save money and time by talking to a Corporate Traveller Expert Travel Consultant, visit Stand Number C10P or reserve a slot in advance via the following link


If you’d like more information or to speak to Corporate Traveller’s expert spokesperson, please contact –
Julia Newbound
Local Campaigns Manager for Corporate Traveller UK
+44 7787 270 749

About Corporate Traveller
Corporate Traveller is the only global TMC catering exclusively to start-ups and mid-market businesses. Established in 1993, the company is present in six countries where it provides expert tailored advice, dedicated travel managers, and innovative, advanced booking technology to more than 16,000 customers worldwide in a typical year.

Being part of industry powerhouse the Flight Centre Travel Group, access to a competitively priced, truly global inventory alongside added-value benefits and exclusive deals comes as standard. Corporate Traveller recently unveiled Melon – its new proprietary, on-the-go travel management platform featuring intuitive navigation and a seamless end-to-end online experience to help customers easily book, manage, and measure the performance of their business travel programmes. For more information visit
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