Your 2021 Conference Programme



Positive thought, interaction and action – how the 3Ps can bring measurable improvements into your life

01 Sep 2021

Adam Baggs, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, discusses ways PAs and EAs can achieve positive changes both personally and in the workplace.

During this insightful session Adam will cover the importance of mental health, why stress and anxiety impact us the way they do and what options exist to empty our metaphorical stress buckets. Adam will cover his journey from PR to hypnotherapist, imagination versus reality and why Polar Bears are as relevant to us today as they were to our cavemen forebears.

The session is open to all and ideal for anyone experiencing stress or anxiety as well as those looking to perform better both personally or in the workplace. It will also be of interest for those looking to improve their physical health through measures such as increased exercise, weight loss or smoking cessation.