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Empowering your Wellbeing - Unleashing the Wellness Revolution within yourself

02 Sep 2021

During these unprecedented times the emphasis on taking care of our individual Wellbeing has never been more vital.
The era of the 2020s and beyond will wake us all up to the importance of being in tune with ourselves on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, like never before.
Rosemary Parr, Founder of the Global PA Association is excited to be presenting on this topic at The PA Show 2021. Along with being an International Business Skills Trainer & Coach, Rosemary is a Holistic Practitioner & Master Healer and has been integrating wellbeing, healing and nutrition into her daily life for 20 years. Due to a health scare in the year 2000 she explored the Mind, Body & Spirit pathway and found wisdom, love and support that transformed her approach to self care and life.
In this Keynote Rosemary will share her Wellbeing Journey and what she has learnt. She will impart her knowledge on Wellbeing Therapies that can support you on your journey to wholeness, happiness and peace.