Your 2021 Conference Programme

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Key Skills 1
  1. Key Skills 1
  2. Key Skills 1
    As the main administrator for Google Workspace at Sagittarius, I have become the go-to person for support using Google Workspace but it wasn’t always that way. When I joined the company 3 years ago, I ...
  3. Key Skills 1
    Do you find the world of finance a mystery? Is there too much jargon? Are those financial reports a tidal wave of numbers and strange language? If you’re keen to add business financial awareness to yo ...
  4. Key Skills 1
    How to design and deliver virtual, live and hybrid events like a pro Planning, logistics Venue searching and online platforms Speaker and sponsor liaison and briefings Stakeholder engagement Smooth on ...
  5. Key Skills 1
    In this session learn how to make Microsoft Teams your own. Be more productive – collaborate – meet and chat.
  1. Keynote
    The presentation that will aim to inspire you to dream BIG, be present in the moment and manifest the career and life YOU want! Skevi Constantinou delivers this presentation with the intent to inspire ...
  2. Keynote
    The aim of this session is to help you make some time for your career and focus on some important elements to futureproof it as far as possible. This session will look at why more than technical skill ...
  3. Keynote
  4. Keynote
  5. Keynote
    Adam Baggs, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, discusses ways PAs and EAs can achieve positive changes both personally and in the workplace. During this insightful session Adam will cover the importance ...
Personal Development
  1. Personal Development
    Even before COVID-19, the latest research showed that 58% of Assistants didn't feel properly utilised by their organisations. Add Coronavirus into the conversations around the '4th Industrial Revoluti ...
  2. Personal Development
    The World Administrators Alliance is a governing body for our profession, globally. It’s bi-annual World Administrators Summit is a working meeting which brings together the best and brightest minds i ...
  3. Personal Development
  4. Personal Development
  5. Personal Development
  6. Personal Development
Key Skills 2
  1. Key Skills 2
    Learn how to take a Microsoft Word document and turn it into a stunning PowerPoint presentation. Lots of tips and tricks along the way.
  2. Key Skills 2
  3. Key Skills 2
  4. Key Skills 2
  5. Key Skills 2
  6. Key Skills 2
    The session will cover: - The importance of record keeping for PAs/EAs - Identifying which records are important and how long to keep them for - Tips for keeping orderly records - Tips for being able ...